Our Mission & Vision

The values & aims of MetaDEX

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Our Mission

To provide traders, investors, and developers alike with an exceptionally reliable & mathematically enhanced decentralized platform to optimize their profits & interests. 

By issuing fairly allocated governance tokens, we strive to bestow upon stakeholders the foundation and the freedom to contribute to the continuous development and improvement of a platform, truly led & driven by the community.

MetaDEX Accent Orange Line

Our Vision

To be the safest & most trusted decentralized platform for profitable trading & investment, by perpetually considering technological developments and the needs of the community – and thereby contributing to the creation of a truly free decentralized world for all.

Our Guiding Principles

Setting standards for ourselves & our community


We are convinced that the spirit of decentralization is only truly served if a project's control is handed to the community at the earliest viable moment. Therefore, we vow to continuously involve the community & distribute governance tokens to supporters of the project in proportion to the amount and duration of stake delegated to the MetaDEX pool.


We couldn't stop ourselves from aiming at and finding the optimal mathematical solution. Since that is a task involving high degrees of complexity, we decided to employ the LEAN theorem-proof assistant to verify our equations. While continuing with smart contract development we are also researching the integration of further features, as we strive to be continuously innovative.


Continuous success as a DEX should be the fruit of high quality standards & great user experiences - not a result of locking in your customers & investors, and most definitely not because of high marketing expenses. If you sincerely think we are doing something the wrong way (technologically or ethically), please let us know. After all, this is your project too, if you want it to be.

Our Team

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Founder / CTO

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Haskell Developer

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