MetaDEX has an ongoing ISPO (initial stakepool offering). Delegate to the METAX stakepool to get regular ADA rewards and in addition MTDX tokens at and after launch. The stakepool has a 5% margin. When delegating you also get a say in the development of the DEX!
Join our Discord to get access to the delegator channel and discuss and vote on various aspects of the project even before launch.


MetaDEX Tokenomics Donut Chart

Total Token Amount: 1 000 000 000,00 MTDX

  • 7 % | ISPO
  • 8.5 % | Team
  • 0.2 % | Delegator sale
  • 1.3 % | Public sale
  • 10 % | Treasury
  • 73 % | LP

Stake in the METAX-pool earlier to earn more MTDX governance-tokens!

Delegate to the METAX-pool from your wallet.

Note! We only have the ONE pool, for example the MRQR2 pool is a scam!