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Updates & News MetaDEX Escher


  • Publish first version of the Lightpaper
  • Develop & implement prototype on Plutus CLI
  • Open technical recruitment processes
  • Implement a token airdrop estimator for delegators
  • Open organizational recruitment processes
  • Reorient application implementation on Plutus
  • Reorganize & rebrand MetaDEX
  • Ramp up communications
  • Start research on decentralized governance
  • Update the tokenomics
  • Release a demo of the token-swap interface
  • Publish first version of whitepaper
  • Integrate on Alonzo White Testnet
  • Finalize code audit
  • Launch MetaDEX v.1 on Alonzo Mainnet (portfolio pools & single-sided liquidity provision)
  • Distribute governance tokens on a vesting schedule
  • Develop & launch v.2 and v.3 (concentrated liquidity, IL insurance, trade optimizer, integration of other DEXes, semi-pools)
  • Publish LEAN mathematical proofs & finalize code audit for v.2 and v.3
  • Initiate decentralized development
  • Move to fully decentralized governance